Aashirvaad Shudh Chakki Atta, 10kg

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Absorbs more water
Non-sticky dough
Soft and tasty roties for longer time




Aashirvaad Atta is made out of the choicest grains – heavy at the palm, golden amber in colour and tough in bite. It&aposs moderately ground the usage of up to date &aposchakki – grinding&apos process for the very best balance of colour, taste and nutrition which also ensures that Aashirvaad atta incorporates 0 percent maida and is 100 percent Sampoorna Atta. The dough made out of Aashirvaad Atta absorbs more water, hence rotis remain softer for longer.

Absorbs more water
Non-sticky dough
Soft and engaging roties for longer time

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